Temporary Pause on Uniform Sales

As the school year draws to a close we are putting a temporary pause on uniform sales. We will be using this time to restock our inventory. Online sales will resume in late August. An in-person uniform sale, as well as online orders collection, will be held on Tuesday September 6th. More info will be sent via email so please subscribe to our email list.

All Jersey City Public Schools have a uniform policy. Please note that the PS16 Uniform Policy will be strictly enforced for the 2022-23 school year. Students are expected to be in full uniform every day.

Regular everyday Uniform:

ROYAL BLUE polo shirts AND KHAKI bottoms. For girls who choose to wear skirts or jumpers (Knee length)  their leggings and/or tights must be either NAVY or KHAKI only. No other colors or leggings with “patterns” are permitted.

NAVY Hoodies/sweaters/cardigans may be worn. THEY MUST BE EITHER PLAIN OR WITH THE SCHOOL LOGO.

NO inappropriate Jewelry/Accessories; NO Heels/Sandals/Open Toed Shoes; APPROPRIATE (safe and comfortable) FOOTWEAR;

GYM Uniform:

NAVY BLUE T-shirt with school logo (MANDATORY) and  NAVY BLUE Sweatpants 

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