Teacher of the Year 2020-2021

Congratulations to our second grade teacher, Mrs. Tiffany Kane, for being recognized as Teacher of the Year!! Mrs. Kane wanted to be a teacher from a very young age and is proud to call Cornelia F Bradford PS 16 home. She has always enjoyed helping others learn and grow.

“Mrs. Kane is the best teacher. She is nice and helps us learn in a fun, good way. She is very organized. Mrs. Kane got caterpillars for our class so we are all excited. My favorite thing about Mrs. Kane is she helps me when I don’t understand something.” – Aisling Kerr (Room 201 Mrs. Kane)

Congratulations to Mr. Thomas Cappoli, Educational Services Professional of the Year! Mr. Cappoli is the teaching aide in Kindergarten Room 101. Affectionately known as “Mr. C” he is known for making figurines from aluminim foil in the cafeteria! He is always eager to help and is well loved by all the children at PS16.

Readathon News

Congratulations to all our students who participated in the first annual PS16 Read-A-Thon! Our participating students read for 58,132 minutes!!

Mrs. Talalai’s Fourth Grade student, VS Revanth Bitra, was our schools top reader. He was followed closely by Fifth Grader Mihika Date from Mrs. DeStasio’s class. Both students will be rewarded with a gift card and book.

A special mention must go to first grade student, Kaya Demirel, from Ms. Vittal’s class. Kaya did a fantastic job at exceeding his sponsorship goals and is recognized as the “Top Earner” for the Read-A-Thon. Keya will also be rewarded with a gift card and book. 

Thank you to all our students who participated and helped raised money for our school!

PS16 Girl Scouts

The PS16 Girl Scouts have continued their goals of safely selling Girl Scout Cookies, cooking with monthly Bambino Chef virtual cooking classes & enjoying great books from WORD bookstore to enhance our reading.

We look forward to continuing our journey as Girl Scouts and finding positivity and continued growth!

Registration for After School Classes

Registration for our after school classes will begin on Sunday February 7th at 4pm. Please select your child’s grade level to be directed to the registration links.

Kindergarten Registration

First Grade Registration

Second Grade Registration

Third Grade Registration

Fourth Grade Registration

Fifth Grade Registration


Kindergarten Class Descriptions

First Grade Class Descriptions

Second Grade Class Descriptions

Third Grade Class Descriptions

Fourth Grade Class Descriptions

Fifth Grade Class Descriptions

After School Enrichment Program

Due to our school building being closed, we have been unable to conduct our regular Cornelia Bradford after school classes.  We know how much our students benefit from the enrichment opportunities at PS16 and this has encouraged us to adapt . Our parent council has worked with our teachers to create a 5 – week online virtual program filled with a multitude of fun learning activities. Classes will begin on Monday February 22nd and will run through Friday March 26th.

Understanding that these are challenging times for all of us, the parent council has chosen to significantly reducethe typical surcharge normally included in the running of these programs to cover our administrative and insurance costs. ($20 per club)

We sincerely hope that resuming our after school enrichment program will help our PS16 families keep the children engaged with their favorite instructors, as many of us continue to work from home and adjust to the new normal.  We are very excited by the wide range of classes available.  Registration for classes will begin on Sunday February 7th at 4pm.

Please find the offered classes and prices below. For your convenience the clubs offered have been broken down by grade level. Our classes will run for 45 minutes. Please register your children according to their grade level.

Kindergarten Classes

First Grade Classes

Second Grade Classes

Third Grade Classes

Fourth Grade Classes

Fifth Grade Classes

Spelling Bee School Championship

Today 16 of our students competed in the final rounds of our school spelling bee championships. These students had already battled their way through their classroom spell off to make it to this point. Going into this final round they all knew that the words they would be expected to spell would be challenging and would consist of words they had never seen before. Every great spelling bee begins with studied words from provided lists but they always end with words that haven’t been studied. We are proud to say that each one of our students more than met the challenge and exceeded all expectations.

Our teachers, Ms. Golombos and Mrs. Destasio, officiated todays spelling bee under very different circumstances than they are accustomed to. We thank them for all their time and effort in helping make the spelling bee a success. Today was a long day, for our officiators and our students. We are proud of you all.

Congratulations to our 2021 PS16 Spelling Bee Champion, 5th grader Shyla Singal (Room 304)! We wish you much luck as your move on to represent PS16 at the Hudson County Spelling Bee.

We also congratulate 2nd place winner, 4th grader Vedant Hamirwasia (Room 307) and 3rd place winner, 4th grader Anshuman Bagaria (Room 306) !

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all our boys and girls on their amazing performance in our spelling bee. We commend each and every one of you for participating in this years spelling bee which was very different from what you are accustomed to. Despite this, you all excelled and have set a record high for the amount of medals that will be distributed when we are able to have our award ceremony!

Third, fourth and fifth grade students with a perfect score advanced to their classroom championship which took place yesterday. Much appreciation to our teachers for giving these students the opportunity to participate in a traditional style spelling bee! We are extremely proud of our students for all their efforts yesterday. Many of our classrooms exhausted the extensive official Scripps Spelling Bee word lists in the quest to declare a class champion.

Next Wednesday our class champions and runner up will battle it out, via zoom, in our PS16 Cornelia F. Bradford Spelling Bee Championship. We wish you all the very best of luck!

  • 3rd Grade, Room 302: Winner – Gabriel Cheng Runner Up – Ayn Kim
  • 3rd Grade, Room 301: Winner – Aarushi Raju Runner Up – Siya Khandelwal
  • 3rd Grade, Room 309: Winner – Vasilii Negodin Runner Up – Ethan Santosh
  • 4th Grade, Room 308: Winner – Idris Jones Runner Up – Swara Tempalli
  • 4th Grade, Room 307: Winner – Smriti Govind Runner Up – Vedant Hamirwasia
  • 4th Grade, Room 306: Winner – Anshuman Bagaria Runner Up – Avani Musale
  • 5th Grade, Room 303: Winner – Abhinav Swain Runner Up – Nishka Bansal
  • 5th Grade, Room 304: Winner – Shyla Singal Runner Up – Tanmayee Hingmire

Without financial assistance from our parents , the CPA of PS16 would be unable to provide opportunities like the Spelling Bee to our students. We thank you for continuing to support our students. Pledges for students who participated in the Spelling Bee can be made via this link: Spelling Bee Pledges

Holiday Lip Sync Battle Winners

Congratulations to all the participants in our Holiday Lip Sync Battle Contest! You all brought joy to everyone who watched. We are pleased to announce our prize winners:

– The Most Dazzling Duet goes to sisters Aaliya + Zoya Shah winning a prize meant to be shared, a gift certificate to Ani Ramen for $100!

– The Most Dramatic Performance goes to Haley Roca winning a private coaching session with Lux Performing Arts.

– The Best Choreography goes to Ruhaan Gokhale winning a Month of Irish Dance at the Kerri Smith Academy of Irish Dance.

– Most Grit-worthy Performance demonstrating strength of character goes to Vibhav Vijayayraghavan for his rendition of the Reindeer Hokey Pokey earning a birthday party at Grit!

Much appreciation is owed to our esteemed panel of judges and to our sponsors who provided the prizes. You can watch the video here.