Diwali Celebrations at PS16

In normal times Diwali is one of the favorite holidays celebrated at PS16. Children and staff dress in traditional outfits and parent volunteers visit classrooms sharing the story of Diwali and spending time making Diwali crafts with our students. With Covid protocols in place we have had to adapt how we celebrate holidays and festivals. While we are unable to celebrate our usual way, we are still able and eager to celebrate!

Our CPA vice president, Shweta Bhatia, undertook the task of organizing and coordinating our Diwali event. We owe her a debt of gratitude.

With much appreciation to Mrs. Watkins Williams and Mr. Salgado for encouraging our children to share their cultures with our school. Students and staff were treated to a   performance by PS16 dancers who learn with Shehnaaz Dance Academy They put on an amazing show and we are honored to share their talents with our school community. Thank you to Shehnaaz Jagasia (Mom to Aaliya and Zoya) for dedicating her time and talents to PS16. We also thank BuzyBugs along with second graders Ahaan Anjaria and Kira Honmane for sharing the story of Diwali.

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