A Note of Thanks from our Teachers & More

Dear PS16 Families,

We would like to share with you a heartfelt note from the teachers thanking you for your incredible advocacy efforts on their behalf. LINK- From Teachers to Parents – A Note of Thanks

We also would like to report to you on the following:

In addition to coming out and speaking at the Special BOE meeting this Monday, PS16 parent council has:

  • Co-signed a Letter to JCBOE  by JC Together together with fellow parent groups requesting that the BOE applies the entirety of the announced $27 million in payroll tax proceeds toward saving jobs / reversing proposed layoffs, as well as continues to work with the city to fund the schools.
  • On Wed. 5/15 BOE trustees came in to meet with the Mayor, and several PS16 moms gathered by City Hall before their meeting and engaged them in a discussion, asking to #ReverseTheRIFS as soon as possible. PS16 Protest at City Hall (Photos)
  • Wrote to the Acting Superintendent Franklin Walker and the district administrators, thanking them for acknowledging PS16’s Number 1 ranking, with a reminder that our school’s success lies in the talent and dedication of our staff and that we want to keep them. (PS16 will be honored at the re-scheduled BOE Meeting on May 31, at 5PM)
  • To the best of our knowledge, the BOE Caucus Meeting is still taking place on Monday, May 20, 6pm (346 Claremont Ave, Room 1R) We plan to participate in Public Comments. Parents are welcome to speak/attend in support.

Parents, it is our firm belief that it was YOUR dedication that helped expedite the resolution efforts. From day one you emailed the Mayor, city council, BOE members, came out to meetings and protests in multitudes and showed everyone that PS16 is united and strong as a school family, and a force to be reckoned with. Even as we plan to continue holding the defense line until every PS16 “pink slip” is reversed, we are confident that we will prevail, because of You.

We have never been so proud to be a part of this Family. You guys rock.

With Gratitude,

CPA Team


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