Welcome Back

The 2021/22 school year officially begins on Thursday September 9th at 8:30am. Our new Annex on Washington Street will be home to our Kindergarten and first grade students while our main building on Sussex Street will home our students in 2nd through 5th grades. PreK students will continue to be bussed to Danforth Avenue.

More information for PreK students can be found here.

More information on the Annex can be found here

More information on the Main Building can be found here

**It is a 5 minutes walk if you have kids in both buildings. You are not late until 8:45 am. **

General Rules for Main and Annex Building

  • Masks will be worn by all kids and adults while in school as per the Governor’s executive order. 
  • If a child cannot wear a Mask a medical note from a Physician is mandatory
  • If a parent needs to visit the school building office they need to contact the office via email or telephone to make an appointment. 
  • No drop in visits will be entertained.  

Hygiene and Technology  

  • Hand washing will be reinforced. 
  • All classrooms will be equipped with hand sanitizer. 
  • There are sanitizing stations for Chromebooks. There will be a Chromebook for every student. If your child borrowed one last year please ensure it is returned to school.
  • No sharing of supplies. All crayon, pencils etc requested by the teacher need to be brought in a ziploc bag with your name marked


  • Common areas will be cleaned by custodians throughout the day. 
  • Classroom will be cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day. Our staff have always cleaned high touch surface areas multiple times during the school day.
  • HVAC have been cleaned and will continue to be as required
  • If a student presents with Covid symtoms or has a positive test all areas he/she has been in within the previous 24 hours will be disinfected according to the protocols in place.

Parental screening

  • Parents, you lead the way in preventing Covid. We must all work together to ensure a safe environment for everyone in our building.
  • Please check if your child is sick ( sore throat , runny nose etc) and make sure they stay at home. Email Claudia Royster in the office if your child is absent and reach out to Nurse Brennan for further guidance.
  • If a child is sent home because he/ she is sick, the first day will be asynchronous for them. Post that their session will be synchronous
  • More details about this are available on the Road going forward on the JCBOE website. 

Zoom meeting with Nurse Brennan

Nurse Brennan will hold an informative session on Wednesday at 11:45 in two batches regarding Covid protocol and guidelines in school. The zoom link will be posted on the CPA website. 

Rescheduled School tour date for Parents

September 7th

Main building 10:30-10:45

Annex building 11:00-11:15. 

Meeting with Teachers

Teachers will contact parents for a meeting on Wednesday September 8th prior to school reopening. 

Meetings will be held between teachers and parents virtually as needed  like last year

Back to school night is Scheduled for September 21st.  This will be held virtually

CPA Monthly Meetings and Morning Hour

Monthly meetings will continue to be held virtually. Our weekly Morning Hour will not be able to take place inside the building at this time. Please reach out if you have any questions.

After School Enrichment Classes

We are hopeful that our usual After School Enrichment Classes will be able to resume in person. More information will be forthcoming