PS16 Main Building

  • PS16 Main Building is located at 96 Sussex Street, at the corner of Sussex Street and Washington St.
  • The main buiding is home to our 2nd through 5th grade students and their teachers.
  • Our Prinicpal is Mrs. Watkins Williams ( and our Asssistant Principal is Mr. Salgado (
  • Morning Line up – All students will line up in the courtyard (Now called Paulus Hook Park)They will pass by a thermal temperature scanner after which they will go to their classrooms.
  • Afternoon dismissal will be 2nd grade in the courtyard and grades 3-5 on Sussex street as in the past 

Facilities in the Main Building . 

  • Air purifiers are in all classrooms and the gym. There is no purifier in the cafeteria. 
  • The water pressure issue has been resolved. There is enough pressure all the way up to the 3rd floor now. 
  • Faucets were changed in some places and the new ones are easier for kids to use. 
  • Door and Windows will be kept open where possible 

Cafeteria and Lunch in the Main Building

  • There will be three lunch periods . 
    • 11 am. for grade 3 and 5
    • 11:45 for grade 4
    • 12:30 for grade 2
  • There will be on chair space left when eating in the cafeteria. 
  • Kids will be side by side but not directly in front of each other.  
  • In the first lunch period they are looking at the possibility of eating in the classrooms for the 5th grade . If that is not possible the gym will also be an option in order to separate those two grades.


  • CASPER will operate this school year
  • Pickup is at 6pm
  • CASPER begins Monday September 13th
  • More information can be found here

School Uniforms

  • School Uniforms that have been preordered can be collected on Tuesday September 7th between 1:30 and 2pm (2nd and 3rd grade) and 2-2:30pm (4th and 5th grade) from the courtyard at the Main building. Cash payments only
  • New Students may purchase uniforms on Wednesday September 8th from 9am to 10am. Supplies are limited. New Orders will also be taken at this time
  • More information on uniforms can be found here

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