“Learn & Earn” Spelling Bee

September 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It’s time for Learn and Earn!, PS16’s main fund-raising effort and find a school champion to represent PS16 in the Hudson County Spelling Bee. It’s based on the Great American Spellcheck, a fund-raiser that makes sure 100% of the money raised benefits our school, and is rooted in academics.

Your child studies 50 spelling words (25 for Kindergarten) and collects pledges from family and friends for every word that he or she spells correctly on the 50-word test. Your child improves his or her spelling skills and our school enjoys the financial benefits!

Our goal is to raise $10,000.

Here is the Learn & Earn fund-raising timeline:

  • Tues, Dec 4th – Teachers conduct the written spelling test in school
  • Tues. Dec. 11th – Classroom spell-offs to determine finalists for each class/grade level
  • Thursday, Dec. 13th – PS 16 Spelling Bee hosted by Ms. Golombos & Ms. Garcia, to determine the school champion that will go on to represent PS16 at the Hudson County spell-offs.
  • Mon, Jan 7th – Spelling Awards hosted by the CPA Team
Attached is the complete word list for Grades 1-9. Please know that we will be sending a hard copy of this list home with all our students and on that list the words will be separated in sections of 50.
(Ex: Words 1-50 First Gr, Words 51-100 Second Grade, Words 101-150 Third Grade, Words 151-200 Fourth Grade, Words 201-250 Fifth Grade. Words 251-450 are to be used for the final spell-off to determine the champion and the runners up.)
Kindergarten will receive a separate list of 25 sight words to study.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

The CPA Team

School Spelling Bee List Grades 1-9

Grade 1 spelling words
Grade 2 spelling words
Grade 3 spelling words
Grade 4 spelling words
Grade 5 spelling words
Kindergarten Word List 2018