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Cornelia F. Bradford School PS16 Newsletter

March 9th, 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a special CPA Newsletter-Second Grade Edition! Get ready to read all about the amazing things happening in second grade. But first we would like to thank our very own Cat in the Hat, Assistant Principal Mr. Salgado, for reading to our PreK students during Read across America Week.


Our Second Graders have been working hard and continue to thrive since logging on to 'Zoom School' back in September. The school year is flying by and our students have been learning so much. Our Second Grade Teachers and Aides have certainly gone above and beyond and we cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work and dedication to our boys and girls. They have truly made the virtual experience educational and fun and we continue to be amazed by them. We also would like to thank the Second Grade Parents and Caregivers for all that they do, especially behind the scenes when our students are logged off and are focusing on their independent assignments.

Here are some highlights of what our Second Graders have been working on at home and in the virtual classroom.


Room 201 have spent the past few months learning and having fun. Despite not being in the classroom together they have found many creative ways to get to know their classmates. Room 201 have adapted so that they are able to continue to celebrate all the special events and holidays. Together they have learnt about the customs and traditions of their classmates for Diwali, Hannukah, Christmas and Chinese New Year. They are especially looking forward to their cookie decorating event with Ms. Shue to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Last week Room 201 began celebrating Women's History Month by learning about great female leaders. They would like to share a collection of essays they have written.


Room 201 are currently learning about landforms and money. They have recently started book clubs and are enjoying working in small groups discussing the book they are reading. The boys and girls love Fridays when they begin their day with the Friday Dance! Friday Fun Time allows the kids to chat while drawing and building legos. This is for sure the highlight of the week and Room 201 are looking forward to new activities during Friday Fun Time!

Art and Poetry by Dhaanvi, Shivansh, Layashruthi, Aryan, Zijian, Naisha, Olivia and Zayn created during Friday Fun Time

Read Across America Week was thoroughly enjoyed in Room 201. Each day they read books by Dr, Seuss and followed the theme for the day. They began the week with wacky hair and ended the week on vacation! The children were able to take the opportunity to practice their letter writing skills to thank their mystery readers.


Room 201 also enjoyed celebrating the 100th day of school by dressing up as if they were 100 years old! They had fun creating their "Before I am 100 Bucket Lists" with all the things they would like to see or do before they turn 100. Room 201 have big plans and even bigger dreams!


This month Room 201 will continue to explore influential woman in history. They are looking forward to discovering more about St. Patrick's Day but mostly they are excited to decorate cookies with our master baker Ms. Shue! Thank you Mrs. Kane, Ms. Shue and Room 201 for giving our readers a glimpse into second grade!

A highlight of Black History Month during February was when Barbara Iofee and Ishani Kaushiki from room 304, Mrs. Figueroa's 5th grade students, presented their research reports to our class. They each had Google slide shows for their mini biographies of an African American woman who influenced their lives. Our students asked questions which the 5th graders answered. Everyone did a great job.

Our class learned about The Lunar New Year, the Year of the Ox from one of our students. Xiaolu led the class with the story, " Nian: A Lunar New Year Story" and she explained various cultural observances. Through this lesson we discovered similarities with other cultures. Gitali asked Xiaolu how long Lunar New Year is celebrated. When she found out it was over a period of days, she informed us that the Diwali celebration is also celebrated over a period of days. Xiaolu also taught the class how to make an origami Ox. Upon learning this, Lucas showed us a basket of 1000 origami cranes that his father had made to bring luck in the Japanese culture. This was truly a lesson in the connection of the similarities between people of different cultures.


We kicked off Read Across America with a video recorded reading of "This School Year Will Be the Best!" from our Principal, Mrs. Watkins-Williams. The students were delighted. Gitali and her dad did a shared reading of Dr. Seuss's book, "Inside Your Outside." It was fabulous to have both dad and daughter participate in Read Across America together. Gitali led the way for her classmates, after her reading several students also asked to read to our class. There were two more guest readers who visited our Zoom. Mrs. Gauch dropped by to read "Green Eggs and Ham" to our class. As always her performance was greatly appreciated. The other guest reader in our room was Gracie, a 7th grade student who read "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?" another Dr. Seuss favorite. In preparation for this book the class made origami cows. Gracie is a personal favorite of Ms. Nolan because Gracie is her granddaughter. A special thank you to all of those who were able to read to our students in room 202.


Anika and Urvi, students from Room 202, are excited to share some of their work with the PS16 community.


Here are just some events, activities, and lessons that 203 have done this New Year.

1. Mask Up! - A Mystery Science Activity that teaches us the importance of wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands to protect us from Covid.

2. Black History Month - Students did a mini research and presentation about notable Africans Americans past and present. We learned about freedom fighters, peaceful leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities,and athletes.

3. Chinese New Year - one of our students, Kevin Zhao, presented how his family celebrates Chinese New Year.

4. Valentine's Day- Students wrote sweet and thoughtful messages to each other in a virtual card exchange.

5. National Smile Day - Learning and practicing about dental hygiene.

6.100th Day Celebration - The class dressed up and celebrated being 100 wiser.

7.Read Across America - Our mystery readers surprised the class with great books.

All had a great time! Special thank you to our wonderful parents, teachers, and Mrs. Watkins-Williams for making this event a success! We'd like to wish Mrs. Grossbaum happy bonding time with her baby and we welcome Mrs. Gauch to 2nd grade!

Artwork by Neha
When 203 Student, Nina was asked to complete the assignment, "If you could be the Author and Illustrator of your favorite book, what would it be?", she got so excited and decided to create her very own version of "Goldilocks and The Three Bears".

We would like to wish our staff members who are celebrating this week a very happy birthday!

  • Assistant Principal Mr. Asael Salgado - March 11th

  • Mrs. Annette Bigger - March 12th

  • Mr. Darnell Aiken - March 14th

Read-a-thon promises to be a fun, exciting journey that started Monday March 1st and runs through March 31. We are raising money to help fund the 5th grade graduation activities this year and to be able to offer scholarships for the after-school program. And the benefit is that it will get your children excited about reading!!

The top 3 readers will receive prizes at the end. There is a suggested donation of $10 but any amount over that is of course welcome. Our fifth graders deserve the best possible ending to their time at PS16. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

While you can donate through the site after you register we instead ask that you donate via our paypal link so that we don't loose so much in fees. Please remember to use your personal email address and not your child's school address when registering.

We encourage you to activate your reader’s account today by clicking on https://www.read-a-thon.com/readers/r/YFkbBY and follow the instructions. And remember, your child needs to daily log their reading to get credit!

Meals continue to be distributed at MS4 on Bright Street. JCPS are also operating a "Meals on the Bus" program where meals are available to be picked up from set locations. Bus 6 Route is the closest for our school. Meals can be picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:20pm from the bus at our school corner.


If your child will be absent from school you should email your child's teacher AND our school Community Aide. Ms. Claudia can be reached at croyster@jcboe.org

The calendar for the 2020-21 school year can be found here.

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