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Cornelia F. Bradford School PS16 Newsletter

March 1st, 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a special CPA Newsletter-First Grade Edition! Our First Graders have been working hard and we are so proud of all the accomplishments they have achieved since logging back on to Zoom in September. Not only are we so proud of our boys and girls, but we are incredibly thankful for our First Grade Teachers and Aides for all that they do. They truly have gone above and beyond by making 'Zoom School' a fun and exciting place to learn. We also know this could not be done without the support of our First Grade Parents, so we would like to say thank you for all of your support you not only provide to your children, but also to the First Grade Teachers and Aides.

Here are some highlights of what our wonderful First Graders have been working on.


Our students in first grade, Room 104, have been doing a fantastic job zooming in every day with great enthusiasm. All my students did an amazing job presenting their Science projects on the life cycles of plants and animals. Of course, let's not forget Flat Stanley from 104 who was quite busy and adventurous for MP2. Stanley helped turn in the ballots for the presidential election and also attended President Joe Biden's Inauguration ceremony. He had a swell of time rock climbing with Erich and building a snowman with Antonio. Well, now he is busy exploring the 7 continents.

We have been rocking the month of February by celebrating Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. We would like to thank Mr.Guan and our student Vivian for giving a beautiful presentation on Chinese culture and heritage and Mr.Chen and our student Chloe for guiding us to make lanterns for Lunar New Year. Throughout the month of February, students enjoyed researching and learning about influential African American people, to name a few Rosa Parks, Amanda Gorman, Barack Obama, Harriet Tubman, Mae C Jemison, Kobe Bryant, etc. Students were paired up to research one of these famous people and create Google slides to present to their classmates. All our students did a phenomenal job!!!

Can't believe we already completed our 100th Virtual Day of school on Feb 25th!! Students dressed up as if they were 100 years old and brought in a few collections of 100 things. Students were assigned to 5 different breakout rooms to come up with 20 nouns, verbs, adjectives, long vowel words, or blends.WOW!!! Our students in Room 104 have been very industrious busy bees, couldn't have been more proud of them. Industrious is our word of the week:) Keep up the great work first graders!!

Year of Love
Rm 104 - 100 Days Smarter

Room 105 has been working on a month-long black history month slideshow each of my small groups has researched an influential African-American and put together a slide with pictures and voice recordings reading the facts that they found. They have worked very hard on this and we will be doing a full class presentation next week.

Caleb, Sophia, Eliette and Alex helped us celebrate Chinese New Year! Alex even sang a song!!

Here are some photos of Caleb and Sophia on Chinese New Year, my student of the month, Julia and Aayan presenting his science lifecycle project about the lion!

Room 105 also celebrated our 100th Virtual Day of school! The boys and girls dressed up as if they were 100 years old and we had a fun day of activities celebrating this big accomplishment!


Aayan presenting his Science Lifecycle project about the lion

Rm 105-100th Day of School

Room 204 has continued working on their Flat Stanley projects, life cycle projects and we celebrated Chinese New Year with a special ox craft.


Awesome job to all of the first graders in Room 205! They have been on Zoom with smiling faces and curious minds every day! Our students presented their fabulous Life Cycle projects on a plant or animal of their choice in very creative ways. They explored with Flat Stanley and treated him to fun and fascinating journeys! Flat Stanley had the luxury of sledding, taking karate class, and visiting sites such as Legoland, Mexico, and China! Lucky guy!

This month they learned about the contributions African Americans have made to our country by reviewing slides, stories, and discussing Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Thurgood Marshall, and Harriet Tubman, to name a few. On the 100th Day of School, Room 205 celebrated all day! They dressed up as if they were 100, did 100 exercises throughout the day, illustrated themselves as 100 years old, and presented an amazing collection of 100 items!

We could not be any prouder of these awesome kids! Keep up the great work!


Chinese New Year was presented by our January Student of the Month, Nova, with a beautiful video and collection of pictures! Room 205 student, Eunha celebrates Seollal in Korea which is the Lunar New Year. Eunha and her Mom explained all about Seollal; "It is tradition give a bow to the elders /adults and they receive a small gift or money, it is called Saebae and we say Sae-hae bok man-ee ba-du-say-yo. which means Have a prosperous New Year. We eat ddeok-kuk which is a rice cake soup. We also make dumplings and play a board gme called Yutnori. Seollal is a time for remembering ancestors, visiting family, great food and fun."


On Thursday, our school celebrated 100 Days of School! Our Teachers made it fun by by playing games and doing activities focusing on 100, and also focused on wellness by making a goal for the boys and girls to do 100 exercises throughout their 100th day of school day.


This week we celebrate the birthday of our Ms. Duncan on March 3rd. Ms. Duncan is one of the few people who is in our school building each day. This year she will really miss the numerous birthday wishes she normally hears from all the boys and girls. Happy Birthday Ms. Duncan!!

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our first grade teachers who celebrate their special days during the summer break!

  • Mrs. Jillian Roskin - August 22nd


Meals continue to be distributed at MS4 on Bright Street. JCPS are also operating a "Meals on the Bus" program where meals are available to be picked up from set locations. Bus 6 Route is the closest for our school. Meals can be picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:20pm from the bus at our school corner.


If your child will be absent from school you should email your child's teacher AND our school Community Aide. Ms. Claudia can be reached at croyster@jcboe.org

The calendar for the 2020-21 school year can be found here.

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