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Cornelia F. Bradford School PS16 Newsletter

February 15th, 2021

Dear Parents,

Happy Presidents’ Day! Today it is a time to honor all those who have held the highest political office in the United States, past and present. Presidents’ Day is a good time for kids to learn about some of the great leaders of our country. Our students have been busy discovering interesting facts about two of the presidents whom we honor on this day, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Every U.S President was a child once and thus today is the perfect time to introduce our peer elected Student Council. There may even be a future President among us!

Normally the lead up to Valentines Day at PS16 is a busy time. Our students surprise their friends with the famous chocolate heart lollipops. Unfortunately there were no chocolate hearts to be distributed this year but our teachers were still able to make Valentine's Day special for their students. Thank you to our third and fourth grade teachers for their surprise meetup and treats for their students. Kindergarten students from Room 103 also enjoyed a special morning with their teachers.


Thank you all for supporting our After School Enrichment Program at PS16. The response has been overwhelming and we are excited to begin classes. There are a few spaces available in some of our classes. If you wish to register your child please visit our website www.ps16cpa.net for registration links and class descriptions.

We know how much our students benefit from the enrichment opportunities at PS16. Our parent council, spear headed by Mrs. Bigger, have worked with our teachers to create a 5 week online virtual program filled with a multitude of fun learning activities. We are truly appreciative of all the time and effort Mrs. Bigger has put in to creating our enrichment program.

Classes will begin on Monday February 22nd and run through Friday March 26th.

Kindergarten students from Room 103 were able to meet up to exchange Valentine's with their teachers and friends. Despite the cold weather the boys and girls were delighted to see Ms. Nicholas and Mrs. Tapia. Room 103 were able to avail of one of their gifts from their teachers to warm up when they returned home...hot cocoa bombs! Thank you for inviting the CPA to join and take the opportunity to distribute hard earned certificates and spelling bee medals to Room 103!


Students in grades 3 through 5 run a campaign to be elected as President and Vice-President for their homeroom. They have to create a poster and give a speech to their classmates on why they are the best candidate to represent their class. Introducing our Student Council 2020-21!


Mrs. Kane's students are busy learning all about physical and chemical changes in materials around them. One of the best ways to learn about science is from hands on experiments. Together with Mrs. Kane and Ms. Shue, the students from Room 201 conducted a popular scientific experiment otherwise known as pizza making! The results were phenomenal and very much enjoyed by all. Thank you Mrs. Kane and Ms. Shue for organizing this special activity with assistance from Krispy Pizza.


The CPA were able to take advantage of the Valentine's meetups teachers held to begin distributing Spelling Bee awards. Third and fourth grade, as well as Room 103-K, received their medals and certificates last week. We will keep you updated as to when we are able to meet again.

Fourth grader Vedant Hamirwasia proudly holds his trophy! Vedant earned second place in the 2021 Cornelia F. Bradford Spelling Bee! Congratulations Vedant!

"To help our parents and students bridge the gap between elementary and middle school, and learn about the acceptance processes involved, Principal Watkins-Williams and the CPA Team launched the Middle School Connection, inviting principals of various middle schools, as well as academic program supervisors, to our monthly CPA meetings, to speak to our parents about their schools and programs available."

Our Middle School Connection Program has been very successful the past few years, providing a valuable resource to our 5th grade parents as they prepare to transition their children to sixth grade and beyond. This program, and the series of guest speakers, is also of great assistance to parents of younger students as they begin to make plans for the future. It is never too early to start educating yourself about your child’s options for the future.

Principal Stellato, from MS4, kicked off our Middle School Connection Program at our CPA meeting on February 1st. At our next CPA meeting on March 1st, we will welcome Dr. Treniere Dobson, Principal of Infinity Institute. Please sign up in advance via this link. A Zoom link will be sent to join our meeting.

Meals continue to be distributed at MS4 on Bright Street. JCPS are also operating a "Meals on the Bus" program where meals are available to be picked up from set locations. Bus 6 Route is the closest for our school. Meals can be picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:20pm from the bus at our school corner.


If your child will be absent from school you should email your child's teacher AND our school Community Aide. Ms. Claudia can be reached at croyster@jcboe.org

There will be early dismissal (12:45) on Wednesday February 17th due to parent conferences. The calendar for the 2020-21 school year can be found here.


Wishing our staff members who are celebrating this week a very happy birthday!

  • Mrs. Dawn Isoldi Pearlmutter - February 15th

Interim President - Jessica Smith

Interim 1st Vice President - Jackie Cox

Interim 2nd Vice President - Angela Park

Interim Secretary - Maeghan Robertson

Recording Secretary - Leanne Kerr

Interim Ass. Treasurer - Shaili Marwaha


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