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Cornelia F. Bradford School PS16 Newsletter

September 27, 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We made it through another week!! We made it through together! As parents of young children we are, and should continue to be, a part of the process. We can help by reminding our children to check their email and google classroom account. We can encourage them to complete their independent work and assignments. We can continue to communicate with our teachers.

Despite the challenges that remote learning brings, we are adapting. Unable to hold the traditional Open House night, where parents visit PS16 and meet our teachers, we held it virtually via Zoom. There was no need to find a babysitter or rush from the train or sit in a chair built for a first grader! The evening was informative and provided parents with a better understanding of how to navigate the different websites used by our children. We were able to "meet" our specials teachers. Mrs. Watkins-Williams and Mr. Salgado were able to visit and spend more time in each class too.

Our school district has acknowledged that virtual learning is a challenge, and it may hinder the development of the social and emotional bonds that are created in the classroom. Over these beginning weeks, our teachers have been making a concentrated effort to get to know their students. To encourage and motivate them and to spread some positivity among the children. Most importantly, they are reminding our children how proud they are of them.

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Messages posted by 4th Grade teachers in Google Classroom
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Textbooks continue to be distributed at PS16 as and when they arrive in the building. This week fourth and fifth graders were able to collect their Language Arts books. Much gratitude is owed to Ms. Duncan and Mr. John Rivera, who take time away from their regular duties to coordinate book collection.

Our first monthly CPA meeting will be held, via Zoom, on Monday October 5th. Guest speakers will include Mrs. Watkins-Williams and a representative from NJCAP Bullying Prevention Program. We welcome all parents to attend. Please sign up in advance via this link. Zoom link will be emailed prior to the meeting.

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Through the state of New Jersey, families are able to apply for financial assistance to help offset childcare costs incurred due to children who having remote learning schedules. Online applications are available from www.ChildcareNJ.gov


Birthday Wishes to our staff members who are celebrating this week

  • John Rivera - September 30th

  • Ms. Rosalind Douglas - October 2nd

  • Ms. Aileen Shue - October 3rd


Calling all young ladies to join Girl Scouts!

We have weekly meetings every Friday at 3:30 PM where we focus on fun events, earning badges and sisterhood activities.

Come join us and learn more about your PS16 Girl Scout Troop! Please reach out to Annette Stewart at stewart.annette.g@gmail.com for more information.

Some activities include: Cookie Sales, Fun Classes, Events, Book Club and much more!!!

National Hispanic Heritage Month began on September 15 and continues through October 15. This year's theme is, Hispanics: Be Proud of Your Past, Embrace the Future. At PS16, students are strongly encouraged to be proud of who they are and where they came from. Our diverse population is what makes us so special. The CPA invites our students to share with us a drawing, poem or story celebrating Hispanic Heritage month, for publication in our newsletter. You can submit via email to ps16cpa@gmail.com

Taking the plunge to become a CPA board member usually comes after spending time volunteering for other school activities. Just like chaperoning a class of kindergarteners to Jenkinson's Aquarium, it isn't always easy but it is rewarding. Over the next few issues of our newsletter we will introduce the executive board of the CPA. You will read about the numerous ways parents are able to contribute to PS16. You may even be encouraged! First up is Shweta Bhatia, who currently serves as 1st Vice President of the CPA.

"Hello Everyone. I am a mother of 2 boys, Arsh (6th Grade) and Arhaan (1st Grade). You guessed it right, I am always on my toes! It is truly said, 'It takes a village to raise a child' and here we are trying to play every role possible. Who thought, we would even be part time teachers this year! This is the only role which was not officially on my portfolio as a CPA Team member. I have learned a great deal of things from my amazing team members.

I have been a part of PS16 family from 2014. I began volunteering and then became a part of the CPA Team, officially in 2017. I was honored to receive the 'Parent Leadership' award for 2018-19. In all these years, I have been an event planner, chaperone, class parent, salesperson, organizer, inventory manager, fund raiser...I lost count! Hopefully, some of you will join our team and we can together explore new things. Stay Safe!"

Interim President - Jessica Smith

1st Vice President - Shweta Bhatia

2nd Vice President - Karthee Lakshmanan

Interim Secretary - Maeghan Robertson

Recording Secretary - Leanne Kerr

Interim Treasurer - Shaheen Yadav

Interim Ass. Treasurer - Shaili Marwaha


Please support Concerned Parents Association of PS16, a 501(c)(3) organization, through your Amazon account. Login to Amazon Smile, link your account and select “CPA of Ps16 - Cornelia F Bradford” as your charitable organization. Through Amazon Smile, 0.5% of every purchase will be donated to CPA of PS16.

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