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Cornelia F. Bradford School PS16 Newsletter

September 13, 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Cornelia F. Bradford PS16. We are off to a fantastic start! Our teachers and students have once again shown that they are ready and able to adapt to any challenges they are faced with. There may be a few teething problems and possibly one or two hiccups along the way, but the general consensus among parents, teachers and most importantly, our students, has been extremely positive. When we all work together we have the power to make this school year a successful one.

As the first full week of school begins, our teachers are prepared and our students are eager! Together we will navigate virtual learning, and continue to practice patience and positivity until we can safely return to our school building. In these challenging times, lets not forget how much our teachers love and miss their students.

Our gym teacher, Ms. Octavia Thomas, shared these encouraging words with her students in Google Classroom;

"I hope you had the best Summer you could possibly have. I really wish we were physically inside the school building where I can give hugs, laugh with you, listen to your silly jokes while seeing your beautiful smiles...

Now lets HAVE SOME FUN!"

The first day of school brings so much excitement...catching up with friends, meeting your new teacher, being shown where to line up by Mr. Reid. Parents are often seen discreetly wiping a tear as Ms. Duncan assures us that our kids are in safe hands. The loud cheer of "Good Morning Ms. Watkins-Williams" in unison from the sea of crisp, new blue shirts is music to parents ears! Zoom just can't compete! But a "Meet and Greet" organized by the staff of PS16 came pretty close!


With staggered meeting times and strict adherence to social distancing, the meet and greet was a huge success. We may have been wearing facemasks but the joy was clear to see. Students, teachers and parents benefitted immensely from this opportunity to connect, catchup and smile. We needed this, more than we even realized.


We extend our gratitude to Mr. Franklin Walker, Superintendent, Dr. Norma Fernandez, Deputy Superintendent, Ms. Ellen M. Ruane, Assistant Superintendent and Dr. Joseph Galano, Director Division B Schools. Thank you all for taking the time to visit and acknowledge the efforts being made by PS16 staff to remain connected to their students.

Mrs. Watkins-Williams addresses Ms. Vital's students and parents
Mrs. Watkins-Williams addressing the students and parents of Room 104

Our community meet and greet has been highlighted on the school districts website where more images have been posted.

While our students and teachers are beginning this school year remotely, our actual building is not totally empty. Our principal, Mrs. Watkins-Williams and assistant principal, Mr. Salgado are both working diligently to ensure a smooth start to the school year for everyone. Our custodians Ed, Darnell, Kareem and John have been busy ensuring the building is ready to welcome back students and teachers. Dynamic duo of Ms. Duncan and Mr. Reid continue to keep our school secure. All CDC protocols are being followed thanks to the tireless efforts of Nurse Brennan.


Our school clerks, Chasidy Castellanos and Noemi Rivera, are hard at work in the office. Together they ensured students who needed a Chromebook received one, and parents who requested information via a phone call got the answers they required.

It is worth remembering that our staff are spending their work day wearing face masks and shields. The hallways are quiet and the classrooms are empty. But they still show up. You all deserve our heartfelt appreciation.


Children are surely excited to finally see playground equipment in the courtyard! The exterior fences have been installed. The next step will be to resurface the blacktop. Paulus Hook Park will hopefully be ready to welcome our children very soon. Thank you to Exchange Place Alliance and the HPHNA for providing this space for the community.

Free meals for ALL children has been extended through December. Beginning Monday September 14th, meals will be distributed twice weekly. The nearest collection site for PS16 students is from MS4 (107 Bright Street). More information is available from this flyer on the district website.

Birthday greetings to our staff members who have recently celebrated.

  • Dr. Manes - September 3rd

  • Chasidy Castellanos - September 9th

  • Mr. Stroh - September 10th

Thank you to everyone who reached out offering their time to volunteer with the CPA. We are currently in the process of forming a Fundraising Committee. Fundraising helps us provide opportunities to our students and teachers. Our normal fundraising activities such as Movie Night are not possible under the current circumstances. This year it is especially important to find creative ways for our students to interact and socialize with their peers.

Our monthly CPA meeting will be held, via Zoom, on Monday October 5th. Guest speakers will include Mrs. Watkins-Williams and a representative from NJCAP Bullying Prevention Program.

  • Meet the CPA Team

  • Virtual Open House

  • Community Service


Please support Concerned Parents Association of PS16, a 501(c)(3) organization, through your Amazon account. Login to Amazon Smile, link your account and select “CPA of Ps16 - Cornelia F Bradford” as your charitable organization. Through Amazon Smile, 0.5% of every purchase will be donated to CPA of PS16.

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